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Will the four-day workweek get employees back in office?

Interesting article from BBC Worklife

"Brendan Burchell, professor in the social sciences at the University of Cambridge, was part of the six-month trial’s qualitative research team. “The most common thing people reported was simply being able to enjoy a day to themselves without any time pressure,” he says. “Employees were able to have more time for life maintenance, childcare and simply to decompress.”"

But unfortunately...

"However, while the desire for a four-day week grows, the prospect remains elusive for many. “In reality, only 5% of our respondents worked for an organisation where a four-day week is actually happening,” says Gaelle Blake, director of permanent appointments at Hays. “So, while some employers have started to trial the idea, we’re yet to see it take off more widely.”"

More details here

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