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Delivering flexible working in practice: an agile approach

agiLab's director, Dr Emma Russell has written a new Digit Policy Brief on 'Implementing flexible working in practice: an agile approach. Please feel free share it with other decision makers in your organisation. 🔍 Current Landscape: In the UK, the landscape of work is shifting dramatically. Up to 4 million workers enjoy flexi-time, and around 40% now work from home weekly. The new Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act is set to further revolutionise this, aiming to make flexibility a right from day one on the job. 🚀 The Challenge of Implementation: However, embracing this change isn't without its challenges. Our research at agiLab highlights three major hurdles: 1. Limited Options: Often, 'flexible' working isn't truly flexible, bound by narrow definitions. 2. Inequality in Access: Marginalised groups still struggle to access these flexible options, despite their universal benefits. 3. Digital Dilemmas: The reliance on digital tools for flexible work can sometimes harm well-being and productivity, if not managed properly. 🤝 Learning from the NHS Example: Our collaboration with the NHS, a pioneer in agile working since 2020, provides crucial insights. 💡 Recommendations for Success: To make the most of flexible working, we suggest that the new Flexible Working Guidance should be evidence-based and incorporate learnings from agile working models.

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