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BBC's The Bottom Line - Back to the Office

The latest episode of the BBC's Bottom Line has some useful information and discussion on the conundrum of hybrid work. Some key points:

> People are working 2 to 3 days in the office - mainly Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

> But some people are coming in Mondays as roads and the office are quieter

> Giving line managers autonomy to work with employees to get best for the company and the employee

> Benefits to remote\hybrid working include less time spent commuting, it's often quieter at home, good for recruitment and retention

> Downsides include difficulties with in person meetings, mentoring, innovation, less discussion with manager re career progression

> Young people who haven't worked in an office are having to be taught how to work with other people, interacting in person with colleagues and customers\clients

> The challenge of when to be in the office: with other team members, or with people from other teams who are working on cross-functional projects. It can be difficult to know who is in when

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