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Digitdebates: Digitalization and the future of the welfare state - 12 July

This talk explores how digitalization—in different forms—affects the welfare state. Digitalization is likely to have a lasting impact on work, welfare, and the distribution of income. It will radically transform not only social risks in health, education and the labour market, but also the means by which these risks are addressed. In this talk, we will present and discuss findings from an edited volume on these issues published last year. The volume brings together internationally renowned welfare-state scholars to identify the socio-economic challenges that result from rapid technological change; the ensuing political conflicts and struggles in the domain of welfare state reform broadly defined; and how these changes challenge and shape existing labour market and welfare state arrangements. In the short talk, we discuss and present the contours of a research agenda emerging from this collaborative work, enriched with a number of concrete examples and findings from the book.

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