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How to get on top of work-email - findings from our research

agiLab's director, Dr Emma Russell, recently lead a research team (Professor Tom Jackson of Loughborough University, Marc Fullman of agiLab, and Dr Petros Chamakiotis of ESCP Business School) that analysed 25 years of academic research to identify the four actions you should take to improve both well-being and productivity, while staying on top of your emails.

The open access paper that discusses the research and it's findings has now been published in the The British Psychological Society Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (available here).

The study analysed the findings from 62 empirical papers to develop a framework that offers practical recommendations to both organisations and individuals.

From this, four super actions for improving well-being and work performance were identified:

1. Communicate work-email access boundaries: clearly state when you are not available to deal with email, stick to this, and don't email others when they are not working.

2. Regularly check and review your inbox: delete, sort and reprioritise.

3. Only use work-email to send work-relevant communications.

4. Be civil, courteous and considerate in work-email exchanges.

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